Your organization is looking forward to changing the attendance system that has been adopted by your business a gazillion years ago. Everybody knows that it is an ancient system, but somehow the company is taking its good sweet time to replace it. While the management thought that the company could escape the cost (of changing the system), the business couldn’t withstand the hassle and the workload that comes with that conventional system. Okay, now there is no excuse for not changing the system anymore.

But, the question is, which system to replace the old ones and how can you get the most value out of the investment. Bear in mind that not all systems are created equal and all you have is that X amount of budget.

Therefore, it is wise to spend a couple more minutes reading these FIVE TIPS of choosing the modern best solutions for attendance, to get more values for your money and stretch your investment further.

(Personally, I have 20 years experience in this industry, and I’ve been marketing time attendance solutions for all those years worldwide. These are my 5 take-home points for buyers to use in their procurement process.)

BRAND MATTERS and those who say that it’s not is not forward-thinking. I’m not afraid to say so because a well-known, famous brand is almost always associated with good values and vice versa. Because a brand ONLY becomes strong and established after it is put into the market for a duration, and after it withstood the market pressure. Product quality, service quality and customer experience sum up the brand’s worth eventually. Buying a quick paste-on sticker ‘brand’ risks the company down the road because once the deal is sealed, whatever comes next could or could not be the seller matter anymore. Hence, the buyer must hold the brand accountable for the marketing, the ‘promises’ it makes to the market.

SUPPORT IS CRUCIAL because we know that &^$# happens when it comes to electronic products. While one product is okay, another one could be having a problem right from the start. Apart from warranty offered, support is REALLY REALLY REALLY important because let’s face it, most of your employees do not know (or pretend not to know) how to operate ANY machines. Even though the products come with a warranty, it doesn’t necessarily mean that support is offered. Support means that someone is there to attend to your problems. And while you are there, check the warranty duration too. The duration tells quality actually.

MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE has to bundle with the hardware. You do not settle for less and do not accept substandard software. You must list down the purposes of your company buying the new attendance machines, and compare them against the features offered by the management software. If the software features match more than 90% of your requirements, and it’s complimentary, perhaps you have found the perfect system. However, while reviewing the software offered, please bear in mind, tip no. 2 again. Remember this slogan “No support, More headache” going forward.

VERSATILITY IS THE KEY. Look for a system that can travel through time with you, well at least for a decent period of say, 5 years. And would that system be able to cope with the demand of the working environment 5 years ahead? You must also explore the possibility of integration with other solutions. How about the possibility of cloud integration? Questions like these need to be asked to get the best value for your money. If you are buying product A for one purpose at X dollars, you need to make sure that no other brands are providing product B for 2 purposes at X dollars with free software.

ADDED VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. That’s a pretty cliche promise of many brands out there, but YOU as a consumer must be able to list down the values that are actually offered. If you struggle to write down the additional benefits provided, that phrase is a scam.  Factor all your concerns in and compare them against the values you get for your dollars.

All in all, a little research won’t hurt and definitely useful to your organization in the long run. You have more questions? Engage with me at and I’ll be there with you. Should you want to try out biometrics as a business, I can consult.

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